The Vein Center was initially started in Little Rock, Arkansas in late 2004 to address the
growing need of patients for a local facility that could evaluate and treat varicose veins and
other associated Venous disorders.  The Vein Center was initially started as a part-time
clinic open two half days a week and staffed by Dr. Long and quickly grew in size, requiring
the construction of a separate full time clinic which opened in January of 2007.  As the
Medical Director, Dr. Long (an Interventional Radiologist) realized that Arkansas needed a
facility capable of handling the full spectrum of venous disease, from cosmetic procedures
such as sclerotherapy for spider veins to venous treatment for limb-threatening leg
ulcerations.  We treat patients with significant medical problems such as leg pain, leg
swelling, itching, restless leg syndrome, burning and leg ulceration.  Dr. Long has made
medical presentations throughout Arkansas to further educate the medical community about
the need for prompt and definitive venous diagnosis and treatment.  He has also published  
in the local medical literature highlighting the evaluation and treatment of varicose veins and
venous abnormalities as seen and treated in The Vein Center.
In July of 2008 The Vein Center had grown to the point of needing both additional space
and staff and operations were transfered to our outpatient clinic at 11219 Financial Centre
Parkway, Suite 215 under the direction of Dr. Long.  Our new facility has more room, is
more comforatble, has been remodeled specifically for Venous care and has ground-level,
easy access for our patients.  Our staff has also grown from a staff of 3 to a staff of 6 to
better accommodate our patients and the needs of our referring physicians.  Dr. Long has
focused his practice solely on the evaluation and treatment of venous disease.  
Please contact us at (501) 225-8346 if we can be of help to you, your friends, relatives, or
to your patients.
Venous procedures (Laser ablation, Sclerotherapy and Phlebectomy) are covered by the
vast majority of insurance carriers for patients with significant problems resulting from
venous disorders although spider vein treatment is still considered a cosmetic procedure by
insurance carriers, regardless of symptoms.  The Vein Center accepts nearly all major
insurance and is dedicated to working with the various carriers to get patients the
procedures and care that they need.  We are committed to being the premier treatment
choice for patients with venous disorders in Arkansas.
The Vein Center
11219 Financial Centre Parkway
Suite 215
Little Rock, Arkansas  72211
(501) 225-8346  (225-VEIN)
Fax  (501) 217-9819